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Rodrigo Franco

Lead Software Engineer


As a problem solver, analyzing systems makes me tick, whether that's improving an existing one or modeling new systems to predict and avoid future issues.


System Design and Architecture

Ground up development of top-notch web applications, using latest server-side technologies

Proven Tech Team Leadership

Planning, design, implementation, testing and process improvement as a planner or manager of an agile team

Highly Available System Development

Write high-quality, efficient, testable and secure back-end and front-end code


  • System Architecture
  • API design and development
  • OOP and functional paradigms
  • AWS and Salesforce fluency
  • 3rd-party API integrations
  • DevOps and scalability
  • SPAs with server-less backend
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Team leading and mentoring
  • PR / Code quality assurance
  • Day-to-day agile team running
  • Product direction advising




10/2014 — present

Spotting a new business opportunity, I built PackageFox on my own, eventually bringing on a team of five people, to recover unclaimed shipping refunds for businesses of all sizes. Profitable after just six months, we have helped our clients recover more than $500,000 so far.


Lead Engineer

10/2011 — 03/2016

With millions of users and hundreds of thousands of merchants, LivingSocial was an interesting and challenging job. Some of my daily duties include:

•  Managing and mentoring a team of developers, designers and QA engineers
•  Writing high-quality, efficient, testable Ruby and Javascript code
•  Building highly available, secure, distributed systems in a micro-services architecture
•  Collaborating with other engineering teams, internal and 3rd-party
•  Owning and operating systems based on real-time customer data and demanding service-level agreements


Senior Engineer

12/2009 — 10/2011

Research and Development of new products at Grasshopper. While there I created prototypes and studies that later became real products. One of these prototypes was Chargify, now a multi-million dollar company.

HotChalk Inc.

Senior Engineer

02/2007 — 12/2009

Working for this education-related startup I handled:

•  Web application development using Ruby on Rails and TDD/BDD
•  Deployment and system administration
•  UI design (wireframes) for multi layered applications based in use cases
•  System maintenance and scalability of a cluster with 18 machines, all using Linux
•  Load profiling and performance testing

Assembla Inc.

Software Engineer

06/2006 — 02/2007

Development of Assembla's platform, a virtual collaboration workspace for application development. I also worked on client projects.



01/2006 — 12/2007

While working as a consultant, I designed and built custom web applications for companies and individuals. Some clients of note:

•  Obvious Corp (I worked on Odeo and Twitter)
•  Cambrian House
•  Makalu Media

Architel Inc.

Lead Engineer

11/2005 — 08/2006

Ruby on Rails development of Architel projects like SimpleTicket (open source help desk application) and Big in Japan (package of web 2.0 tools), advanced javascript (prototype, dojo), micro-formats (hcard, hcalendar, hreview and XOXO) and web standards.


Advanced Ruby Course

PragProg with Dave Thomas

Linux Professional Institute

LPI 101/102

Mackenzie University, São Paulo, Brazil

BA in Computer Science

Community Involvement


I've spoken at conferences around the world, including an infamous talk about Diablo 3 bot creation using Ruby at Rubyconf.

Open Source Development

I've started and contributed to various open source projects. Some of them are available on my github page.

Brazilian Rails Community

I founded one of the biggest Brazilian Rails communities, rails-br.

Rodrigo Franco — — (650) 898-7250